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Coupons & Groupons (update)

Picked up a story today about coupons and what target audiences are using them… lots of chances to increase your sales in particular markets.

By joanne | 6th June | Marketing Ideas Read More

Calling all Women…

Are we about to see more women launching businesses? We hope so… and it provides some great opportunities for the UK.

By joanne | 18th February | Marketing Ideas Read More

Anyone for Spam?

We’ve come across a new tool over the holidays that should reduce the number of your email marketing messages going straight into the Junk Mail Folder. Read more for details…

By joanne | 5th January | Marketing Skills Read More

Shutting Up Shop

If you’re planning on selling your business as your exit strategy, you may want to read this post for some top tips…

By joanne | 15th July | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy Read More

World Cup Opportunities Abound

The World Cup creates some fabulous marketing opportunities for many businesses across the globe…including yours. This post looks at some of the best ideas we’ve seen this year to make the most of this once-every four-years opportunity.

By joanne | 16th June | Marketing Ideas Read More

Budget Blues (or Reds)?

We couldn’t ignore the Budget, despite the fact it was rather dull. But this post looks at it very much from a business perspective and we’ve tried to identify some opportunities that may present themselves for your business…

By joanne | 26th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

Catch It. Bin It. Kill It.

How the game may be changing on unsolicited mail and what it means for your business…

By joanne | 11th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Merlin’s Magic

As Merlin Entertainments posts a year of double-digit growth, their Chief Executive explains how marketing helped them achieve it – and we look at how it can work for your business too.

By joanne | 10th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Public Sector Sheds Jobs

Following our trends reports last week, the CIPD has released a report this morning confirming expected cuts in the public sector. Read more to find out further details…

By joanne | 15th February | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Get in Touch with Your Customers

A new advert really caught my eye last night, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come in this new decade. Read more to find out how Renault have created an advertisement with the modern consumer at it’s heart.

By joanne | 8th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More
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