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What Are Your Customers Looking For?

Have you ever wondered what your customers and prospects type into Google when they’re looking for your products and services? If so, Google would like to tell you – for free…

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Marketing Plan – Autumn 2011

With about eleven weeks left before Christmas, it’s tempting to wind down into the festive season, but instead we’d recommend a really proactive quarterly marketing action plan that fires you into 2012. So what can you do for the next 80 days that will really increase profits??

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From Interruption to Participation

The rules of marketing are being rewritten as the power shifts from companies to consumers. Fuelled by social media, you may need to shift your mindset to sell your products to potential customers.

By joanne | 9th August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Remember Your Prospects

Chances are you have a pool of untapped leads sitting in your business – but how do you make use of it? This post explains more…

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People Power

The power of customers has never been better highlighted than this year’s fight for Christmas number one. Read more to find out how that power can be harnessed in your business…

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Christmas Selling Opportunity

I know it’s only October, but Christmas preparations are well underway. This post gives you some tips on preparing your business for the Christmas season (possibly the most exciting Christmas in years) – and taking advantage of the sales opportunity it presents.

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