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Coalition Co-opetition

As the Conservatires and Liberal Democrats seek to work with their closest competitors, we look at what we can learn from their example – as many business opportunities await people brave enough to follow that course…

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Music Downloads – Opportunity or Threat?

As the UK considers the Digital Economy Bill, this post looks at both sides of the argument from a marketing viewpoint – and identifies potential business opportunities.

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20,000 Public Sector Jobs To Go

Following last week’s trend reports, this morning’s Independent Newspaper carries a story about the expected size of the public sector losses. In this post we discuss the potential marketing implications for your business…

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The Importance of Saying Thank You

It’s the time of year when we think about our families and friends, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to think about your customers and thank them. The first in our series of Christmas themed posts; this one explains how thanking customers can protect your business for 2010…

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Elevator Pitches

Could you tell someone what you do in just seven seconds? And, more importantly, would they want to know more about you? This post gives you some tips on how to market yourself effectively and create a great first impression with the very first words you say.

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Is Your Business Ready For Christmas?

Time’s marching on and Christmas is upon us. Are you planning to make the most of this fantastic marketing opportunity? This post shares some tips on how you can use Christmas as a way to help customers remember you.

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Christmas Selling Opportunity

I know it’s only October, but Christmas preparations are well underway. This post gives you some tips on preparing your business for the Christmas season (possibly the most exciting Christmas in years) – and taking advantage of the sales opportunity it presents.

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Sales Tips

If you could increase your conversion rates by just 10%, what difference would that make to your bottom line?

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