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Flexible Friends

Flexibility is winning in the current climate, so how can you adapt and take advantage of opportunities that you perhaps would have discounted previously?

By joanne | 28th June | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

It’s all Greek to Me

With continuing turmoil in Europe, you may be wishing we could just get on with business as usual – whatever that is! But as a marketer, you need to be aware of the impact Greece could have on our economy.

By joanne | 21st May | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

When People Buy

How’s your sense of timing when it comes to sales and marketing? If you know when people are more likely to buy, you can better time your marketing – and maximise your profits.

By joanne | 26th April | Marketing Skills Read More

Royal Wedding Opportunities

I love a good wedding and the Royal wedding announced this week is great news from a marketing perspective – for your business as well as mine.

By joanne | 19th November | Marketing Ideas Read More

The Recession is Over!

At least that’s this morning’s news from Sir Terry Leahy, boss of Tesco. But what does that news mean for your business? We discuss that in today’s blog post…

By joanne | 20th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy Read More

Easter Marketing Ideas

Could you expand your market by creating an Easter-specific product or promotion? This post gives some tips and examples of businesses who have done just that…

By joanne | 1st April | Marketing Ideas Read More

Budget Blues (or Reds)?

We couldn’t ignore the Budget, despite the fact it was rather dull. But this post looks at it very much from a business perspective and we’ve tried to identify some opportunities that may present themselves for your business…

By joanne | 26th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

The Internet Goes Mobile

Following our trends story last week, we’ve found some new research about mobile internet and how the opportunities are already unbelievable…

By joanne | 16th February | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

True Colours

The imminent election may have positive or negative effects on your business – so how can you make sure you’re well positioned to take advantage – whatever the outcome? This post gives you some tips…

By joanne | 12th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

Look To The East

Whilst Western economies continue to falter, countries in the East are leading the way – and opening up some amazing business opportunities…

By joanne | 11th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy Read More
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