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What should you put in a Marketing Plan?

I’ve seen many a marketing plan in my time…some are good and some are very, very bad. So what should you include to ensure you create a working document that benefits your organisation?

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Marketing Plan – Autumn 2011

With about eleven weeks left before Christmas, it’s tempting to wind down into the festive season, but instead we’d recommend a really proactive quarterly marketing action plan that fires you into 2012. So what can you do for the next 80 days that will really increase profits??

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Trends of Today

I love watching marketing trends and trying to predict where the opportunities will be in the next few years. In today’s blog, I’ve searched the history books for some secrets we might be able to use in our marketing plans in 2011/12.

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Top Tips For Cost Effective Marketing

This week’s blog series is all about the leading cost-effective marketing techniques you can implement in your business. Keep coming back for ideas you can incorporate in your marketing plan…

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Do You Have a Plan?

If you take a reactive view to marketing, chances are you’ll end up spending more money. This post will help you review your expenditure and look at more cost-effective options – so you make more money…

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Getting the Right ‘Marketing Mix’

We’re going to explain some marketing jargon in this post and take a look at the ‘marketing mix’ which is a cornerstone of the marketing industry. Understanding it will help you focus on what’s important in your business…

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