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Marketing Plan – Autumn 2011

With about eleven weeks left before Christmas, it’s tempting to wind down into the festive season, but instead we’d recommend a really proactive quarterly marketing action plan that fires you into 2012. So what can you do for the next 80 days that will really increase profits??

By joanne | 5th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy Read More

168 Years and Bang…

How did the UK’s top-selling tabloid close after 168 years? Is it a sign of things to come? And is it what their customers would have wanted?

By joanne | 11th July | Marketing Training Read More


As Glastonbury starts, we take a look at the marketing behind one of the biggest and best-loved concerts in the world.

By joanne | 23rd June | Marketing Skills Read More

“Those Are Really Expensive”

Is this the message your sales team are giving to your customers? It was in one company we shopped with recently. Read the story here…

By joanne | 24th May | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Happy Birthday To You

What a great marketing opportunity a birthday is… Are you doing everything you can in your business to make your customers feel special and remind them who you are? Today’s blog gives some great examples of best practice that will give you some ideas…

By joanne | 18th May | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

When Online Loses You Business

Most business people believe that the internet exists to generate more leads, enquiries and business. But there are some instances when it costs you money…if you’re not careful.

By joanne | 28th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More

Looking For More Sales…?

Do you have customers walking into your shop or business looking to buy? If so, do you do everything you can to keep them and secure the sale, or are you letting them leave without impressing them? Today’s post gives some top tips for maximising your face to face sales opportunities…

By joanne | 14th March | Marketing Skills Read More

Snow Joke

Businesses have been suffering with the wintery weather, but what marketing can you do to combat the snow? We share our top tips…

By joanne | 21st December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

“The Power of a Headline”

Only 1 in 5 of you will read any further than this headline and sub-headline…and that’s the same for your customers, so how do you get your message across within that time?

By joanne | 29th September | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Are you OPEN for Business?

In a world of instant gratification, are you making it difficult for your customers to buy from you?

By joanne | 20th September | Marketing Training Read More
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