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Flexible Friends

Flexibility is winning in the current climate, so how can you adapt and take advantage of opportunities that you perhaps would have discounted previously?

By joanne | 28th June | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

All Time Low

Interest rates remain at 0.5%…what does that mean for your business?

By joanne | 7th June | Marketing Training Read More

Back In Recession…

…but confidence is rising. How do you make sense of the recent news and ensure your company benefits?

By joanne | 26th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

What Are Your Customers Looking For?

Have you ever wondered what your customers and prospects type into Google when they’re looking for your products and services? If so, Google would like to tell you – for free…

By joanne | 8th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Stop Watching The News

Unless you feel completely motivated and ready for action when you watch the news, it could be worth changing your morning routine – at least if you’re planning to grow your business in 2012.

By joanne | 3rd February | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Power to the People

I post a lot about the shifting power from companies to customers, and today’s story takes things a bit further. It shows how people power can rule … even in football!

By joanne | 31st January | Marketing Ideas Read More

Green Fingers

One of 2011’s key marketing trends has been allotments and growing your own food and a few companies have really taken advantage of the opportunity. It’s a great lesson in marketing and keeping track of what’s hot with your customers.

By joanne | 25th November | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

What’s Next for Daily Deal Sites?

Groupon has been in the news for some of the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but what are the benefits of sites such as this, how do you make them work for you and what’s on the horizon for daily deal sites?

By joanne | 8th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More

Bank-rolling Success

Are you putting money into your company to keep it afloat? If so, this article is for you…

By joanne | 4th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

Sales Tips from the World’s Greatest Salesman

I was reading about Joe Girard this weekend – he’s in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s greatest salesman and, in todays post, we share some of his tips to help your business boom…

By joanne | 17th October | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More
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