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It’s all Greek to Me

With continuing turmoil in Europe, you may be wishing we could just get on with business as usual – whatever that is! But as a marketer, you need to be aware of the impact Greece could have on our economy.

By joanne | 21st May | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

Back In Recession…

…but confidence is rising. How do you make sense of the recent news and ensure your company benefits?

By joanne | 26th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

On Thin Ice

Business in the UK seems precariously balanced right now, so what does the year hold for your company – and how can you make the most of any marketing opportunities there are?

By joanne | 18th April | Marketing Strategy Read More

Could the Sunshine move us out of Recession

Sounds bonkers… but it just might work. Today’s post is all about judging consumer confidence and the sun has a huge part to play in that. What’s more, it could directly impact your bottom line…

By joanne | 27th March | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More