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How’s Your Internal Marketing?

In the wake of today’s report from the CIPD, I thought we should consider internal marketing; a crucial but often forgotten element of marketing.

By joanne | 3rd May | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

What Happens When You Hit The News…For All The Wrong Reasons?

Managing a crisis is difficult enough, but when you add the media interest into the equation it can become even more tricky – and your response can make or break your company. So how do you cope? This post gives some top tips…

By joanne | 3rd June | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

What Are People Saying Behind Your Back?

In a week where BA’s staff announce further strikes, we look at the impact issues outside your control can have on your business – and how you manage a marketing crisis…

By joanne | 16th March | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

It’s Snow Joke

As the country continues to be gripped by snow, what can you do to keep your business going and ensure you stay afloat in difficult conditions?

By joanne | 6th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

In light of the adverse weather conditions, we thought some tips on keeping your business coming in (despite the weather) might come in useful…

By joanne | 22nd December | Marketing Ideas Read More