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When Advertising Works

Great advertising doesn’t come along very often, but when it does, it can make a huge difference to the company who invested in it. This post tells of one company who used adverts to great effect…

By joanne | 3rd August | Marketing Skills Read More

Who’s Still Advertising on TV?

In today’s post we look at the top TV advertisers and whether they reduced – or increased – their advertising spend in 2009. It makes for very interesting reading, especially if you’re interested in politics!

By joanne | 27th May | Marketing Skills Read More

Are You Wasting Money?

My phone book arrived this morning, so I thought we’d do a straw poll and find out whether advertising in these kind of directories works. Read more if you advertise your business using this marketing method…

By joanne | 1st March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Recruitment Meets Social Marketing

Could you ask potential employees to upload images, text and video to tell you why you should hire them? One company has…

By joanne | 17th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More

The Changing Face of Advertising

The internet, digital TV and a recession have combined to change the face of advertising as we know it – but what does that mean for your business? Read more to find out…

By joanne | 10th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Untapped Profits

Many businesses are so busy finding new customers, they forget about the often untapped potential of the people who already buy from them. This post looks at how you can boost profits by looking after people who already buy from you.

By joanne | 4th February | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Do You Have a Plan?

If you take a reactive view to marketing, chances are you’ll end up spending more money. This post will help you review your expenditure and look at more cost-effective options – so you make more money…

By admin | 16th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Advertising Revenues Slashed in Recession

Whilst marketing can help you survive a recession, the industry itself has been hit by the current economic climate, as companies react to what’s happening with their customers. This post details some of the key trends we’re witnessing and tells you how the big companies are changing their marketing strategies in response.

By admin | 15th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

Counting The Cost of Your Customers

Do you know how much it costs to attract a new customer to your business? This post will give you some tips on working out the numbers – and explain why it’s important…

By admin | 18th September | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More
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