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Retro Adverts Reappear

Did you know that Mad Men this week showed Retro adverts in their ad breaks? It taps in to some great marketing trends. Read more for details…

By joanne | 29th March | Marketing Ideas Read More

Should TV Advertising Target Fast Forward Fingers?

With the advent of TV recording devices, such as Humax and Sky+, is the real marketing trick now to ensure your adverts work on fast forward?

By joanne | 31st October | Marketing Ideas Read More

Going Ape

Apparently the first advertising campaign targeting a non-human audience has been launched in New York…will it be the first of many?

By joanne | 21st October | Marketing Skills Read More

Can I Help You?

Are you losing business because you don’t offer to help people?
If you spend any money at all on marketing your business, you need to read today’s post.

By joanne | 14th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

Looking For More Sales…?

Do you have customers walking into your shop or business looking to buy? If so, do you do everything you can to keep them and secure the sale, or are you letting them leave without impressing them? Today’s post gives some top tips for maximising your face to face sales opportunities…

By joanne | 14th March | Marketing Skills Read More

Product Placement Begins Today

Mixed messages from the advertising industry in the past week, but what difference will product placement make?

By joanne | 28th February | Marketing Ideas Read More

Personal Billboards

How would you feel if a billboard was able to adapt its content when it knew you were there? A touch spooky, or a fantastic personalised marketing medium?

By joanne | 18th October | Marketing Training Read More

“The Power of a Headline”

Only 1 in 5 of you will read any further than this headline and sub-headline…and that’s the same for your customers, so how do you get your message across within that time?

By joanne | 29th September | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

The Need to Advertise Advertising

Have advertising sales dropped so far that the industry has now resorted to marketing itself and advertising the benefits of advertising?

By joanne | 17th September | Marketing Ideas Read More

From Interruption to Participation

The rules of marketing are being rewritten as the power shifts from companies to consumers. Fuelled by social media, you may need to shift your mindset to sell your products to potential customers.

By joanne | 9th August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More
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