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Going Ape

Apparently the first advertising campaign targeting a non-human audience has been launched in New York…will it be the first of many?

By joanne | 21st October | Marketing Skills Read More

Sales Tips from the World’s Greatest Salesman

I was reading about Joe Girard this weekend – he’s in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s greatest salesman and, in todays post, we share some of his tips to help your business boom…

By joanne | 17th October | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Your True Colours

Have you noticed that the recession is bringing out the true colours of many businesses? In todays blog we look at ethical marketing and its importance in todays economy.

By joanne | 30th August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Counting the Cost

Do you know the minimum you need to make to cover your costs? If not, you could be working too hard for too little and chasing turnover rather than profits. Today’s blog is all about the numbers, which is the scientific end of marketing.

By joanne | 12th August | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

The cost of a great relationship

Whilst relationship marketing may be considered the holy grail of cost-effective marketing; failing to keep depositing into the ’emotional bank account’ can be very costly indeed. We explain more in today’s post…

By joanne | 8th August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

The Top Reasons for Business Failure

Ever wondered what the main reasons were for business failure? The top twelve from 2009 are recorded here – so you can avoid them…

By joanne | 18th July | Marketing Skills Read More


As Glastonbury starts, we take a look at the marketing behind one of the biggest and best-loved concerts in the world.

By joanne | 23rd June | Marketing Skills Read More

Coupons and Groupons

Whilst sales on the High Street are a little sluggish, the Groupon craze is booming. Is this a new way people are choosing to buy?

By joanne | 3rd June | Marketing Skills Read More

When People Buy

How’s your sense of timing when it comes to sales and marketing? If you know when people are more likely to buy, you can better time your marketing – and maximise your profits.

By joanne | 26th April | Marketing Skills Read More

How People Buy

If you want an insight into how people buy – so you can time your marketing well – this post will help you. It’s assumed people buy on price…but they don’t.

By joanne | 18th April | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More
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