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How to Lose Recommendations

It’s a sad day when people lose business that is there for the taking, but even recommended suppliers can get it wrong. By telling such a story in today’s blog, we share the lessons of how to ensure every bit of word of mouth marketing turns into profit…

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Trends of Today

I love watching marketing trends and trying to predict where the opportunities will be in the next few years. In today’s blog, I’ve searched the history books for some secrets we might be able to use in our marketing plans in 2011/12.

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Which Marketing Method Should I Use?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked, and the answer is often ‘it depends’. But in today’s blog, we try and demystify the choice and suggest some of our preferred marketing methods, which generally produce the highest return on investment.

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Google for the Over 70’s

I heard a great story this weekend from a friend of mine who’s 78 about how he uses Google Earth. It really shows how many people are using the internet and the benefits they’re receiving and it’s great information for anyone marketing to the over 60s.

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Your True Colours

Have you noticed that the recession is bringing out the true colours of many businesses? In todays blog we look at ethical marketing and its importance in todays economy.

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The cost of a great relationship

Whilst relationship marketing may be considered the holy grail of cost-effective marketing; failing to keep depositing into the ’emotional bank account’ can be very costly indeed. We explain more in today’s post…

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Did you Know…SMEs account for 99.9% of all UK Enterprises?

So we should be looking after them and helping them build. For more stats, have a look at today’s blog post and see just how crucial you are to the British economy.

By joanne | 28th July | Marketing Ideas Read More

Repeat Business From Existing Clients

I spoke at a business to business show last week and one of the key questions I was asked was how to generate repeat business from existing clients, so here are my top 3 tips…

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New Marketing for Albums

The music industry has been through significant change in the past few years, with the advent of the internet and downloads, but the latest marketing spin is really fantastic.

By joanne | 13th June | Marketing Ideas Read More

Coupons & Groupons (update)

Picked up a story today about coupons and what target audiences are using them… lots of chances to increase your sales in particular markets.

By joanne | 6th June | Marketing Ideas Read More
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