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Free Marketing

Money may be tight at the moment and many marketing budgets have been cut, so what can you do for free? We thought we’d take a look in todays blog…

By joanne | 3rd April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Retro Adverts Reappear

Did you know that Mad Men this week showed Retro adverts in their ad breaks? It taps in to some great marketing trends. Read more for details…

By joanne | 29th March | Marketing Ideas Read More

What Are Your Customers Looking For?

Have you ever wondered what your customers and prospects type into Google when they’re looking for your products and services? If so, Google would like to tell you – for free…

By joanne | 8th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training Read More

Power to the People

I post a lot about the shifting power from companies to customers, and today’s story takes things a bit further. It shows how people power can rule … even in football!

By joanne | 31st January | Marketing Ideas Read More

Follow Up = Fortune

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…follow up is one of the best and most cost-effective marketing tools you have – and it’s massively under-used. Read today’s post to find out how you can reap the benefits.

By joanne | 20th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Happy New Year

I wish you health, wealth and happiness in abundance in 2012.

By joanne | 3rd January | Marketing Ideas Read More

What’s Next for Daily Deal Sites?

Groupon has been in the news for some of the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but what are the benefits of sites such as this, how do you make them work for you and what’s on the horizon for daily deal sites?

By joanne | 8th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills Read More

Bank-rolling Success

Are you putting money into your company to keep it afloat? If so, this article is for you…

By joanne | 4th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More

Should TV Advertising Target Fast Forward Fingers?

With the advent of TV recording devices, such as Humax and Sky+, is the real marketing trick now to ensure your adverts work on fast forward?

By joanne | 31st October | Marketing Ideas Read More

Marketing Plan – Autumn 2011

With about eleven weeks left before Christmas, it’s tempting to wind down into the festive season, but instead we’d recommend a really proactive quarterly marketing action plan that fires you into 2012. So what can you do for the next 80 days that will really increase profits??

By joanne | 5th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy Read More
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