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Can you believe anyone would send this as a Christmas card? Considering the customers who would be on a funeral companies database, I’m not sure it would be a reminder of happy times at Christmas?! Am I missing something?  Is there a stroke of genius in there that I can’t see?  It’s a nice photo, […]

By joanne | 8th January | Marketing Ideas Read More

Elvis Lives On

The Elvis brand was sold last week – and is more valuable now than when he was alive.

By joanne | 25th November | Marketing Ideas Read More

You’re Being Watched

Marketers are going to new lengths to ‘spy’ on customers and research your behaviour…

By joanne | 5th October | Marketing Ideas Read More

Marketech – the continued merger of marketing and technology

It’s such an exciting time to be in marketing. Things are changing regularly and today’s post looks at some really exciting blends of marketing and technology which highlight this trend.

By joanne | 27th March | Marketing Ideas Read More

Bad Scripts Cost Your Business Money

You probably enjoy receiving cold calls as much as I do – but you might also have to make them for your business. Spending time doing your home work can improve your returns – Read today’s post for some top tips…

By joanne | 6th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training Read More

Playing with your Food

Love this new way of ‘picking up’ lunch on the go… the Bagel Grabber

By joanne | 23rd January | Marketing Ideas Read More

There’s an App for That

Time for a whole new level of marketing. Some of the technology on offer these days is amazing!

By joanne | 20th November | Marketing Ideas Read More

It’s all Greek to Me

With continuing turmoil in Europe, you may be wishing we could just get on with business as usual – whatever that is! But as a marketer, you need to be aware of the impact Greece could have on our economy.

By joanne | 21st May | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy Read More

The Power of the Crowd

Crowd Funding is becoming increasingly popular. But what does it mean for your business? We discuss some of the trends in today’s blog.

By joanne | 15th May | Marketing Ideas Read More

Back In Recession…

…but confidence is rising. How do you make sense of the recent news and ensure your company benefits?

By joanne | 26th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training Read More
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