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By joanne | 27th March | Marketing Ideas

Following in the footsteps of smart-TVs, Samsung have now released a smart-fridge which can run apps so customers can browse recipes or create shopping lists.  Visit for more details.

London’s black cabs and being ‘digitised’ with dual-sided LED screens streaming adverts that can be adapted based on location and time.  These could also be used to broadcast public safety and travel updates.  Read about the ‘taxicast’ here:

And, my personal favourite, the Madison Washington DC Hotel offered a social media butler as part of a hospitality package for guests.  The butler would accompany visitors and create text, photos and videos and upload them to the guests’ various social media accounts.

Thanks to the Marketer, who shared all of this wonderful news with me through a printed magazine – which I still read.  Am I terribly old-fashioned?