Bad Scripts Cost Your Business Money

By joanne | 6th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Good marketing can improve your conversion rates – FACT.

You will know if you read my blog regularly that I despise lazy marketing.  Sadly, the world is full of it and, even more sadly, it still works.  The joys of mass marketing!  There may be a place and time for the shotgun approach, but for most businesses, poor marketing can harm your business rather than grow it.  And that’s especially the case with telemarketing.

A good script can make the difference between the phone being instantly slammed down and you actually having a conversation with a potential customer.  If you’ve watched the recent ‘Most Exotic Marigold Hotel’ film, you’ll know it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just a few tweaks and your conversion rates will improve.  For example:

  1. Make sure you have a good opening line – if someone unknown calls asking ‘how are you today?’ we know it’s a cold call
  2. Ask if people have time to speak to you.  Your call could arrive as the most inopportune moment and, since most scripts don’t allow for the telemarketer to take a breath, you could just be making someone more cross at the other end
  3. Take a breath – give people the chance to respond
  4. Check your list against the Telephone Preference Service before you call – if you call people listed on the TPS, they have every right to be cross with you or your staff.  You’re also breaking Data Protection Rules.
  5. Give your staff credit for having brains.  If you hire people who can hold a conversation in the first place, they will probably make great telemarketers.  Unless you restrict them with a script that turns them into a robot!
  6. Do your research and target your calls.  People don’t want to be sold baby products if they don’t have a baby.  We don’t want double gazing if we just installed it.  I don’t want marketing advice when I’m a Fellow of the CIM and I really don’t want to replace the 28 mobile handsets I don’t own when the contract (I don’t have) comes up for renewal.  It’s not difficult to target, especially in a B2B setting and with today’s social media technologies, and it makes your staff’s life less miserable!

I implore you not to resort to lazy marketing and ‘average’ returns.  To do so is a disservice to your customers, staff and our industry.  At a time when the UK and Europe needs more sales, do your homework and boost your returns – it will be worth the effort!