Flexible Friends

By joanne | 28th June | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

In business we can very easily become stuck in a groove of what we do and what we know we’re good at.  When business keeps coming in and you keep getting good results, you don’t necessarily need to change.

One great outcome from the past few years has been that people are re-evaluating their skills, the direction they’re taking and the changing needs of their customers.

Business has been a rollercoaster in the UK over the past few years and those companies (and individuals) who seem to be thriving are those who can roll with the changes and adapt to changing markets and requirements.  And, when you adapt, it seems the opportunities start to come along (almost like buses).

So where can you look?

  • First thing – get out and meet your customers.  Find out what’s keeping them awake at night and how you can help.
  • Don’t forget the public sector – tenders and contracts are being awarded to smaller companies, as they always have been.  We’ve always shied away from them in the past because of the time they take, but as people become more careful with their cash, they want to check out the competition more.  And you have to be in it to win it.  (We recently won a tender with probably one of the best organisations we’ve ever worked for – and we’d have missed the opporunity before.)
  • Look at the industries that are growing – what could you offer them?
  • Don’t be frightened to try something new.  Your skills are probably transferable and the challenge of something new could reinvigorate you.
  • Reconnect with your passion.  What do you WANT to do?  Now could be the perfect time for a change.

I love change and embrace it.  We’re about to have a major change in our own lives as we take up an opportunity I never would have dreamed of before the recession.  We’ve had to think differently – and it’s not necessarily what we would have planned.  But sometimes, that’s where the excitement lies – it can be even better than your plans!

I wish you the same excitement and hope you look hard enough to find your golden opportunities.

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