Could the Sunshine move us out of Recession

By joanne | 27th March | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

I attended a fabulous conference last week with the Institute of Director,s and their Chief Economist suggested that 2012 could very much swing one way, or the other.  The single most important aspect of the direction of ‘swing’ will be what happens in Europe, but the single most important element of what happens in the UK will be consumer confidence.  And how that will develop this Spring is anyone’s guess.

In my professional opinion (for what it’s worth), I believe people in the UK are sick of the recession.  The media and the Government have been banging on about it for years now and we’ve all heard enough and want to get back to ‘business as usual’.  But what will it take for that to happen?

Sunshine is a great start.  People feel better when it’s warm and sunny.  They’re happier, they see a better outlook and, crucially, they spend money. The Lake District was buzzing with tourists this weekend and it’s fantastic to see – people visiting will generally spend money, often with small, local companies.  Many of those companies were recruiting seasonal staff – who spend their wages in the local economy.  And so it continues.

What can we do as businesses to aid the recovery?

Stop being negative.  It’s easier said than done, but we have to play our part and talk the country up.  Confidence really can make the difference and the IODs Chief Economist, Graeme Leache, intimated that what happens in 2012 is likely to set the tone for the next decade.  I don’t know about you, but I want the next decade to be awesome… so let’s do our bit and give confidence the push and support it needs.

The sun in the sky really could make a difference to your bottom line, but we’ve got to back it up!

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