What should you put in a Marketing Plan?

By joanne | 8th March | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

The first clue is that your marketing plan should be a working document…it isn’t something to be created once a year and then left in a desk drawer (safe in the knowledge that the job has been done).

Of all the plans I’ve seen and created, my top tips would be to:

  1. Keep the plan short (if it’s too long people won’t use it)
  2. Ensure it’s measurable (so you can prove your worth)
  3. Base it on fact (marketing plans and strategies are no place for guesswork)

So what to include?

  • Your goals – what are you trying to achieve (over what period)
  • Your target customers (with as much detail as possible)
  • Your results so far (what you’ve achieved in what time scale)
  • Your marketing methods of choice (4-6 methods you think will bring you the best results)
  • Your expected results (based on your conversion rates above)

You can then judge whether your plans will achieve the goals you set out at the start.  If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Good luck!

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