As Easy as ABC

By joanne | 27th February | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Marketing is often seen as a dark art.  And I think practitioners sometimes over-complicate it and use acronyms and large words to increase the perceived value of our skills.  But I would rather take the approach that more people understanding marketing is good for the economy, as it means more sales for more businesses.  As marketers, we have a crucial role to play in spreading our knowledge for the benefit of everyone in the UK.  So here goes…

A = Audience

Everything in marketing begins with your customer.  What problem are you trying to solve for them?  Who are you trying to sell to?  What do you know about them?  What motivates them and what would encourage them to buy?

The more you know about your customers, the easier your job becomes.  So do your homework – this isn’t a section on which you should be relying on guesswork.

B = Brilliant Marketing

OK…I had to make it fit my ABC!  Your marketing mix is the step between working out who your audience is and deciding how you will reach them and with what messages.  This brings into play your product benefits, your pricing, your promotion and your distribution strategies and it flows from the information you know about your customers.

Ideally, you should have products that solve problems for your chosen audience, pricing that will be attractive to your prospects, your products/services available in places your audience shops and promotion in things they see or read using messages that are relevant to them.

C = Conversion

There is no point to marketing unless you’re converting sales… and this is the bit many marketers forget or wimp out on.  But if your actions aren’t leading to profit, someone should be questioning them.

A good friend of mine once told me that marketing is what you do to get the phone to ring and sales is what happens when you pick up the phone and it’s a great distinction.  And you need both elements to have a successful company.

So there you have it…the ABC of marketing.

I look forward to receiving your feedback and comments.

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