Stop Watching The News

By joanne | 3rd February | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Whilst I appreciate how important it is to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the world (especially if you’re in marketing and therefore have to understand ‘the markets’,) it’s also crucial that you understand the importance of mindset in business.

At a recent seminar, I asked my audience to stand if they watched or listened to the news in the morning.  About 90% of the room stood up.  I asked them to sit down if they felt motivated after they’d watched the news…and only a couple sat down (which I think might have been fatigue, rather than honesty).

The fact is that the news is depressing.  Especially at the moment.  And it provides you with an excuse if your business isn’t performing as well as you might hope.

I listened to a customer this week tell me how ‘sad’ it is ‘out there’ at the moment and how everyone seems to be suffering in business.  But, on the flip side, a property developer we work with has just received three reservation forms for new build properties in the past four weeks – and they only have 8 properties to sell.

The business is there.  Whatever the news and the media would like to tell you.  It may be that you have to fight harder for it at the moment, but customers are spending money.  The question is whether they’re spending it with you.

My advice…

  • Stop watching the news before work and read something motivational instead
  • Start your day with your marketing actions
  • Do some sales and marketing activity every single day
  • Think positive – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Sounds simple?  You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not try it and let me know the results?

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