Power to the People

By joanne | 31st January | Marketing Ideas

I love the fact that the internet has altered the power dynamic between companies and consumers.  Companies used to ‘push’ marketing information out to people and customers had little opportunity to respond.  But now, customers can comment, offer feedback, rate products and write reviews which are open to the rest of the world.  Whilst there are a minority of people who review things for fun and can use bullying tactics against companies, in the main the reviews can be very useful and are incredibly powerful as a sales tool.

And it seems even the world of football is following this trend and tapping into the power of their customers…

I recently read about Murcielagos FC in Mexico; a team which is managed by the crowd who make decisions about strategy, substitutions and best players.  The team talk is made public and fans can vote on whether they agree with it.

The team is apparently performing very well…http://abiteof.com/2011/03/17/who-needs-a-trainer-when-you-have-a-crowd/

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