Follow Up = Fortune

By joanne | 20th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Imagine the scene… the phone rings and a new prospect enquires about your product.  All excited, you take their address on a scrap of paper and post them a brochure.

You don’t ask them any questions.  You might record their telephone number.  And, worst case scenario you lose the scrap of paper containing their details over the coming weeks.

Whatever the reason (or excuse) you don’t follow-up.

What if they haven’t received the brochure (trust me, it happens on a frighteningly regular basis)?  What if they’re interested and are waiting for you to call?

It isn’t the customers job to remember to do business with you – it’s your job

Most customers take on average seven points of contact before they buy.  And most sales people give up at 5 points.  What’s even more scary is the number of businesses who don’t follow-up at all – despite the fact that it’s free marketing!

So what is best practice with follow-ups and how can you really make the most of incoming enquiries?  Here are our top 5 tips (most of which are free or cheap to implement and could be done very quickly):

  1. If a customer calls, have a script to follow and find out as much information as you can
  2. Gain permission to follow that person up and ensure they received the information they wanted
  3. Answer enquiries promptly – be available by phone and email and respond where possible within 24 hours
  4. Record all the information you take in a database (ideally customer relationship management – CRM – software)
  5. Diary a follow-up and stick to it (and then diary another)

If people take time out of their busy lives to enquire about your product, they’re paying you a huge compliment.  The least you can do is treat that compliment with respect and try to help the customer towards a solution.

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