Green Fingers

By joanne | 25th November | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

Sad, but true that I grew my very own tomatoes this year for the first time.  (It must be my age.)  And they tasted amazing!  I’m a convert and I now understand what all the fuss is about.  There’s nothing better than picking your fruit and veg fresh from the plant when you need it (and sharing it with your neighbours when you have too much).  And I’m just one of the many people spending on organic grow bags, digging allotments and learning more than you thought possible about pickling!

Allotinabox have taken advantage of the trend and introduced ‘Grow Your Own’ boxes so city dwellers can join in.  For just £50 you receive seasonal boxes are filled with organic seeds and a kit for growing the vegetables which contains details of how and when to harvest them.  Visit more details.

The National Trust has taken things a step further, with the launch of MyFarm which aims to reconnect people with food.  Using crowd sourcing techniques, they’re recruiting 10,000 would-be farmers and giving them a say in the running of a 2500-acre farm in Cambridgeshire.  For just £30 a year, the group works together and votes on major decisions on the farm.  Have a look at home for details.

It’s a trend that looks set to continue into 2012 – is there some way you can take advantage?

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