Should TV Advertising Target Fast Forward Fingers?

By joanne | 31st October | Marketing Ideas

Picture the scene… you’re watching your favourite programme on your Humax/Sky+ and the adverts come on.  Do you:

a) Nip to the loo?

b) Pop the kettle on? Or

c) Fast-forward the adverts?

The presenters on some channels even encourage you to leave the room now (which would upset me a little if I’d paid thousands of pounds to show my advert on their channel).

Let’s imagine you choose option C (otherwise this will be a very short post).  You fast-forward the adverts.  But one of them is so compelling, you have to rewind the recording and watch it.  Surely that is the new power of advertising.  It happened in our house last night and I was absolutely amazed that my husband (who really dislikes marketing!) rewound the adverts to watch one that had shown.

…which got me to thinking.  Perhaps we should be designing adverts (if we don’t already) that work fantastically well on fast-forward.  Many people do watch the adverts at speed, so advertisers can perhaps use that to their advantage.  I for one would love to see what they could achieve.


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