Sales Tips from the World’s Greatest Salesman

By joanne | 17th October | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

In Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence’, he gives the example of Joe Girard to demonstrate the importance of ‘liking’ when you’re persuading others.  This works in any situation but is very potent in sales.  He suggests that Joe’s technique was very simple – he befriended his customers.  They liked him and, provided his price was good, they would rather buy from him than other salesmen.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a rare day when I find a car salesman I like and really want to do business with – perhaps it’s no surprise he was so successful.

Apparently Joe sent cards every month to his customers with a simple ‘I Like You’ on the front and a relevant greeting inside.  His customers received twelve cards each year reminding them how much Joe liked them.  He had thousands of customers (making the postage costs significant,) but the resulting sales were more than worth the effort.

Joe is now a sales speaker and has his own website.  You can read his top tips at

Good luck putting them into practice.  They are very simple… and very effective.

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