Marketing Plan – Autumn 2011

By joanne | 5th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to be swept up in the news and general negativity of the economy and perhaps be tempted into thinking it’s too late to make a difference to your income for this year… but of course I’m bound to tell you that you’d be wrong.  There are at least a full 80 days left between now and Santa’s visit and they’re 80 days that definitely shouldn’t be wasted.

What top three things could you do (for free) every day to boost your profits pre-Christmas?

  1. Call five existing customers and ensure they have everything they need for this quarter / ask whether they need any help with other items you provide
  2. Call five past customers and remind them you exist.  Perhaps tell them about your autumn special offers and incentives
  3. Make contact with five prospects and give them a special offer if they buy before Christmas

If you did this every day to Christmas, you’d make contact with 1200 people who already know, like and/or trust you – in other words, the people most likely to buy from you.

I’d love to hear your results – if you stick to the plan, I’m certain your tills will be ringing into the New Year.

Good luck!

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