How to Lose Recommendations

By joanne | 26th September | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

Recommended business is the holy grail of marketing… if someone recommends your product or service, you must have done such a great job for them that they’re willing to tell their friends and contacts.  It’s truly the sign of a good business if you get most of your work through word of mouth referrals.

What most business owners fail to recognise is the risk to the person who recommends you:

They put their own reputation on the line by telling their friends that you’ll do a great job. 

And most people don’t do that lightly.

We had a friend give us such a recommendation for someone to respray our campervan recently.  The business was effectively his; we just needed him to see the camper so he could give us a quote.  And that’s where the problems began.

So here’s a list of what not to do, if you want more business:

  1. Make it difficult to see the client and give them a quote
  2. Make the customer come to you
  3. Be vague about times you’ll be there to see them
  4. Leave them waiting outside your offices for 30 minutes
  5. Put the phone down on them (after telling them you’re not really bothered about the work)

It beggars belief that in the current economic climate, small business owners are still wasting opportunities and damaging relationships with the people who recommend their company.

We’d love you to share if you have similar stories of people who talk themselves out of business.

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