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By joanne | 12th September | Marketing Ideas

It’s the time of year when we typically start thinking about our business plans for 2012.  We have a good 90 days left prior to the Christmas break, which is a great period of time to finish the year with a flourish and plan for growth in 2012.

And I hope we’ll be planning for growth in 2012, rather than survival.  It’s that mindset that will help us pull free from the recession.

So what can the history books teach us and what trends should we look out for?

I’ve always said that the 2007 Crash has more in common with the Great Depression of the 1930s than with subsequent recessions, so I’ve looked back at things that happened post-depression to get a feel for what some of the top trends could be in the next 6 months.

  1. People are looking for escape, so books, games and films are all popular.  As are gambling and drugs / alcohol (sadly).  We want a few minutes to relax and forget our troubles and it’s likely this will continue through the winter months and at least into Spring 2012
  2. Health became increasingly important after the Depression, perhaps because of the subsistence diets which led to increased cases of scurvy, rickets and TB.  I suspect the same will be the case next year, as people witness more friends becoming ill through stress and worry; meaning they start to look after themselves better
  3. People are already questioning their beliefs in democracy and the use of endless credit, with some looking for a simpler life where they live within their means and have a smaller impact on the environment.  Whilst there will be smaller numbers who take this to extremes, their influence on society as a whole shouldn’t be overlooked
  4. Allotments and home-grown produce have boomed this year and I suspect this will continue.  As people begin to learn about the seasons and the higher nutritional values (and taste) of local produce, this trend may well continue into supporting local growers and a resurgence of the local markets that had lost ground to the convenience of the supermarkets
  5. Make-do and mend and second-hand markets are likely to continue to thrive, as people realise they don’t have to buy new to get a great product and an even better deal.  Charity shops now compete on our high streets and no longer give clothes and goods away cheaply.  They now offer value and a feel-good factor in that you can save money and donate to a good cause at the same time.

If you can tap into these trends in your business, there should be plenty of opportunities for you.

The one trend I’m hoping isn’t repeated based on the 1930’s history is the Second World War; the reamament for which pulled us out of the Great Depression.  Let’s hope the government come up with a better plan than that one!


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