Google for the Over 70’s

By joanne | 5th September | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy

Sitting in the sunshine chatting to an uncle of mine; I never expected to come up with my next blog topic.  But there you go, that’s the beauty of life!

He was telling me about their forthcoming trip to Derbyshire in their caravan – yep, he’s 78 and still tows a caravan and drives classic cars (so he’s fairly cool).  He was explaining how he’d picked the campsite he planned to stay on and described in detail how he took the postcodes of the certified sites and put them into Google Earth, so he could look around the area where the site was.  He then used Street Map where he could and would wander around the site and see what was there.  From that, he picked the best site for them and booked it.

And when I say ‘booked it’, please bear in mind, this is a couple who will be staying on one site, off-season for 10 days.  This isn’t just a two-night weekend break when sites have little problem filling their books.  The shoulder season is when hospitality businesses are traditionally quiet, so any custom is great custom – especially a 10 night stay.

It’s worth looking at your own location on Google Earth and Street map and linking to these tools from your website.  Make it easy for people to see where you are and what facilities you offer and it will likely pay off.

Happy Googling!

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