Did you Know…SMEs account for 99.9% of all UK Enterprises?

By joanne | 28th July | Marketing Ideas

According to a recent article in The Marketer magazine, SMEs account for 99.9% of all UK enterprises and generate 50% of private sector turnover.  Almost 60% of private sector jobs are in these companies – but our schools and universities seem to be preparing people to work in large corporates, rather than small companies.

Small companies (with up to 49 staff) account for 48% of employment – which is staggering.  What if we could help each of those companies employ just one more member of staff?  Surely that would be a very fast way out of the recession?

Likewise, these companies provide a rich source for any target audience – there are millions of SMEs across the country and it’s likely they need assistance and services and sales – especially at the moment, so they can thrive and grow.  Let’s stop focusing on the big guys and get where the real action is!

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