Nevermind the 4 Ps…

By joanne | 29th June | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

I was asked to give a talk last night about standing out from the crowd and I used the 4 P’s as a base for the examples.  But whilst I was putting the talk together, I thought about other items that weren’t included in the model.  So I propose you perhaps take a look at the 4 A’s as well as the 4 P’s – particularly if you’re a small business owner:

A = Attitude

This is a great way to stand out from the crowd.  People want to do business with positive, successful people, so your personal branding needs to reflect that.  If you have a strong belief and just get on and do things, rather than making excuses, then that is a powerful part of your marketing.

A = Aptitude

To learn that you don’t know everything could be argued is the main benefit of education.  The more I learn, the more I realise I don’t know – which makes me want to learn more.  If you’re keen to learn, improve, receive feedback from your customers (internal and external) then that is a large part of your marketing mix.  Especially in these days of globalisation and shifting customer power.

A = Attachment

Do you care??  It’s been shown that 67% of customers leave because of ‘perceived indifference’ and it wouldn’t surprise me if that figure was true for staff as well.  If people don’t think you care, they leave.  If you’re attached to your business, you care what your staff think, you care about giving the best service to your customers and you give back to your local community.  It’s not about the money.  It’s about pride. And that’s a crucial part of marketing; now more than ever.

A = Action

By far the most significant of the 4 A’s is this final one – do you take action, as a person or a company?  Did you watch the recession arrive and bury your head in the sand and hope it wouldn’t affect you, or did you know it was coming, prepare and meet it head-on and take action to ensure your company thrived?  Did you continue to invest in your education and that of your staff, or did you cut all costs and simply focus on surviving?

Those who take action and adapt to the changing marketplace are those who generally succeed.  And you owe it to your family, your staff and yourself to ensure that you succeed.  So please take the 4 A’s and stand out from the crowd, so you can leave the great legacy you have the potential to leave.

Very best of luck x



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