By joanne | 23rd June | Marketing Skills

I heard on the radio yesterday that the land used for Glastonbury is usually home to just 350 cows… So I wondered how on earth they cram 140,000 people into that same space for a few days every summer.  And what encourages people to attend; knowing it’s going to be heaving (and possibly very muddy).

Set up by a dairy farmer in 1970, the festival started as a harvest festival and fair.  In the first year 1500 people attended and paid £1 to see Marc Bolan and T-Rex.  The ticket price even included some milk from the farm (according to the official website –

Last year, the event celebrated its 40th anniversary.  135,000 people attended and they paid £185 a ticket.  That’s quite a difference in 40 years!  And, crucially, the growth has been driven by the customers…

Founder, Michael Eavis, has tried to end the festival several times, but the customers kept on turning up.  And it was the customers that seem to have driven the festival into profitability.  Despite himself, Mr Eavis created something people really wanted – and were willing to pay for.  That’s the secret of great marketing – and the rest is history!

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