New Marketing for Albums

By joanne | 13th June | Marketing Ideas

I read yesterday that you can design your own version of the Kaiser Chiefs new album and select your favourite 10 songs from 20 they’ve recorded.

That in itself is fantastic marketing – giving consumers choice and ensuring that they LOVE every song on the album, so they’ll probably listen to it more and share it with their friends / play it in the car so others can hear it etc.  Equals more sales – genius.

But the next step is even better – you can sell your version of the album to your friends and make £1 per sale.  So you can be repaid for recommending the album.  Making you talk about it even more.

Personal recommendations (or word of mouth) are the best form of marketing there is. And by rewarding your customers for sharing your product (or actually their product, as they designed it), you’re empowering them and giving them something else to talk about.

I love marketing that puts the power in the hands of customers and also generates more sales.  Marketing should be a win-win and this is a great example.  Well done Kaiser Chiefs.  I hope more people download your album –

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