The End of the Recession

By joanne | 28th April | Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

About six months ago I started telling people that the Royal Wedding would be the official end of the recession in the UK…and now it’s here.  So am I right?  (I’d love your comments!)

I must admit that for a time I wasn’t convinced myself, but I knew that if I told enough people who told enough people, it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  So I stuck to my guns and kept passing on the story.

And a few weeks ago, what do you know, I started to see the green shoots.  The sun started shining, people started spending money and my clients started reporting increased forward-order books.  We’ve even started spending ourselves – so we’re doing our bit (and I hope you are too).

You see…many people are better off than they were before the recession started, but they haven’t been spending.  The media have been drowning us in bad news for the past two years and we’ve started to believe them (heaven forbid).  All we need to continue the fight back from recession is confidence.  The money’s there – we just need to believe it as business owners.  And start chasing it again.  We need to stop discounting so heavily and bemoaning the financial situation – if you act like you’re out of recession, guess what, you will be!

There’s one caveat to this…don’t tell the banks.  They don’t deserve to know after what they did anyway, but we don’t want them scuppering us and putting interest rates back up and taking people’s spending money instead of it filtering into the business community.