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By joanne | 18th April | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

When we run our marketing seminars, we’re always asked about pricing.  It seems it’s an art form – but people are primarily interested because they believe their customers buy on price.  And it’s simply not true,

Price of course is a consideration, but people buy emotionally in the main.  Likewise people leave existing suppliers primarily because of ‘perceived indifference’ – they think you don’t care about them.  (It’s not because they found the product cheaper elsewhere.)

We bought a campervan this weekend and I thought I’d share the logic of the decision to illustrate a typical buying process (it’s been three-four weeks in the build up, so there’s plenty of work gone in):

  1. We looked around some other campervans that we passed for sale at dealers – a non-specific search.  We just wanted to see which layout we liked and what the costs would be
  2. We then decided on a preferred layout and set a budget.  From home we then researched the internet (this is incredibly common now – up to 85% of some purchases are researched and / or booked online, according to research).
  3. Using Ebay and Autotrader we compared prices, layouts, mileages and all the items you would consider and we created a short-list of about 10 to view
  4. This weekend, we spent two days travelling between Shropshire, Cheshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire viewing the shortlisted campers.  (Interestingly, there were about 4 we couldn’t view due to the sellers being away / not answering their phone / not being bothered to be available…despite the fact we were in the market to buy.  This is an important lesson to anyone in sales.  If people are calling you about a specific product, they’ve probably done their research and are ready to buy.)
  5. As it happened, the last one we saw was perfect.  We drove it and bought it there and then…but we wouldn’t have done that had we seen that one first, as we had nothing to compare it to.  At exhibitions and networking events, I always say that the best contacts are those you meet first thing in the morning, or last thing before the event closes – usually they’re on a mission at that stage.  So you need to be ready at those times.

I couldn’t believe the amount of businesses who didn’t ask if they could help us or couldn’t be bothered to let us view the vehicles they had for sale.  Some never took our contact details.  We even came across one showroom that was closed on a Sunday – when else are people buying campervans??

If you want more sales, there are plenty of lessons in here.  Please use them and show the others how it’s done.  Happy selling x

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