Can I Help You?

By joanne | 14th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

I walked into a campervan showroom yesterday with a view to buying something… but noone asked me if they could help.  It was a Wednesday afternoon and there were very few other people in the showroom.  I was dressed in my work clothes – smart, but not a suit.  And I can’t think of a reason for the staff to have thought I wasn’t serious enough to approach.  So I walked around.  Looked at a few vehicles. And left.  Without so much as a business card.

It’s business suicide.  If someone walks into your business, or calls you up on the phone, or drops you an email for a quote, that’s about as sure a sign as you get that they’re in the market for your product right now.

Are you allowing people to get away without offering to help?  It costs you nothing to ask… I bet that company spends thousands on marketing and advertising and then misses the people who do come through the door.  What a waste!

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