Add £1000 per hour to your turnover

By joanne | 21st March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

On a visit to Scotland this weekend, we called in at our favourite carvery pub for a very quick meal and, whilst eating, I did some numbers and was staggered with the marketing approach they were using and the resulting turnover in their business.

They have a number of things working for them, which are critical to any successful food offering:

  1. Location.  They are on the main road from Glasgow to Loch Lomond; making it easy to call in and also attracting people who are in a rush (and won’t take up a table for long).
  2. Location.  They’re opposite a Travelodge which doesn’t serve food.
  3. Location.  They’re very close to the city and have a huge amount of potential local trade, as well as passing customers.
  4. Price.  They offer a carvery for £3.99 per person.
  5. Speed.  It took 15 seconds per person to be served the meat of their choice; meaning 240 people could be served in an hour.  Customers self-serve their vegetables.You pay up front and don’t have to queue and your plates are cleared as soon as you finish your meal.
  6. Quality.  The food is fantastic.  It’s hot, tasty and it’s giving people in Glasgow their five a day!
  7. Upsells.  Desserts and drinks are on offer and the table has up-sells for breakfast and other meals to entice you back… brilliant.

By my reckoning, serving 240 people an hour (in a place that seats about 100 people) means you’re turning the tables twice an hour and each person spends an average of £5.

That’s a turnover of £1200 per hour.

You might be thinking… well I bet it isn’t that busy all day long.  But the waitress I spoke to had been working since 10am and we arrived at about 6pm.  She said it had been as busy all day long and it was always that way at the weekend.

It’s cheap and cheerful…but it works.  They had no shortage of customers wanting to buy and you don’t see so many people in one place very often in the current economic climate.

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