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By joanne | 14th March | Marketing Skills

I was very excited on Saturday morning… we completed the sale of one of our investment properties last week, so we were able to go out ‘house shopping’.  We did a tour of the local estate agencies and were amazed at what we found:

One of the sales agents didn’t even get out of her chair to speak to us.  Now maybe she’d had an entire morning of people wanting to (and ready to) buy houses from her and was exhausted by the time lunch arrived.  (Since the office was empty when we arrived and when we left, I’m not sure that was the case and, as she got up to find us some property details later on, I know she wasn’t injured or unable to stand.)

In contrast, another agent selling similar properties was able to tell us about each individual property and the situation of each buyer.  Which were keen to sell and which were unlikely to negotiate.  She was able to discuss which properties would rent easily and which wouldn’t and, although she wasn’t the manager of the office, she was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Both of these estate agencies are within 100 yards of each other.  I wonder which one has been the most profitable throughout the recession?

Some tips to take from the story for your own business include:

  1. Do you greet everyone with a smile?  It’s such a simple thing, but are you happy to speak to customers (whether face to face, or by phone) or do you treat them like an interruption?
  2. Do you offer to help?
  3. Do you know your products / services in detail (and do your point of service staff know your products and services sufficiently well)?
  4. Are your computer systems available at all times (one of the agents’ systems was down for the whole day as the servers were being upgraded, so they couldn’t give us property details.  Why couldn’t the servers be upgraded on Sundays – when they’re closed?)
  5. Which brings me to… are you open when your customers are shopping?  Most people view and research properties at evenings and weekends, but those timings differ from when most estate agencies are open.
  6. Do you collect information from people who visit or speak to your company?  Offering to send information, follow-up, keep people informed of new products, enter them in a prize draw… whatever it takes.  It’s worthwhile collecting data wherever possible, so you can use it in your marketing.
  7. Do you follow-up?  If someone gives you their telephone number, do you call them back?  We viewed a new property two weeks ago which was for sale for £129,000. We were happy to leave our details, but the sales person never even called us to follow-up.  Are you guilty of the same thing?

We know it’s not just estate agents.  These things happen in every company – and they lose sales.  If you’re spending any money at all on advertising and generating new prospects and you’re failing to implement some of the points above, you’re wasting your money.

The seven tips cost you very little (if anything) to implement and they’ll have an immediate impact on your sales.

Good Luck and let me know the results…

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