Product Placement Begins Today

By joanne | 28th February | Marketing Ideas

Just last week we were told that some TV stations were planning to extend their advertising breaks and that some people would be subjected to as much as 12 minutes of adverts in an hour of programming.  Interestingly, the BBC interviewed two people who were in support of the idea, but no-one who was against the idea.  (Possibly due to the way the BBC is ‘uniquely funded’.)

This morning, we had the launch of product placement in TV programming, which has been common in the USA and other European countries for years and the BBC interviewed someone from PACT (the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) who clearly stated that fewer people watch adverts on TV.  So why are we extending ad-breaks, I wonder?  (I won’t be recommending that any of my clients advertise in longer breaks.)

Product placement is a fascinating area though.  The great thing is that this should assist in funding programming – leading to higher quality programmes which are better for the viewer.  I don’t think anyone is against programmers making money, so they can make better programmes.  I just hope the product placement isn’t limited to the same few brands who can afford this exposure – I think that would be an opportunity wasted to embrace and support small businesses.  Whilst it’s new though, there could be some good deals available…

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