Calling all Women…

By joanne | 18th February | Marketing Ideas

Did you know… females in the USA are twice as likely to be ‘entrepreneurially active’ than females here in the UK?  The rates are the same for men in both countries – so we need to encourage and support more women to set up businesses.

Businesses run by women in Britain generate £130 bn for our economy according to a recent article in Director magazine.  They also provide a more immediate contribution to the economy as one in five come into self-employment from joblessness (compared to 1 in 15 men).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a raving feminist.  I’d love more people of both sexes to start and build successful companies, but us girls seem less inclined to – So come on girls… dive in.  The water’s warm.

Since this is a marketing blog, the marketing opportunities in the story include the following:

  1. If you’re targeting small business owners, the majority of your audience will be men, so you might want to segment your market and tailor your messages accordingly.
  2. If you’re specifically targeting female business owners, your target audience will be smaller than male business owners and, in the start-up phase, they may require support and mentoring services to complement your offering.
  3. According to findings from Euro RSCG, women cite work-life balance as their top priority when choosing a job, so you need to be mindful of this when communicating to this audience.
  4. The Government remain focused on encouraging more women to set up in business; providing additional opportunities and funding for this audience.

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