“We Close at 5”

By joanne | 25th January | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

How often have we seen footballers let in goals in the last five minutes of a game?

Just that slight lapse of concentration. The feeling the game’s all over. And then ‘bam’ they lose in the last few minutes.

And it’s the same in business.  I often hear the people who make the most connections at networking events are those who get there early and stay late – but they also need to be switched on and looking for business opportunities that whole time.  Thinking “we close at 5” doesn’t cut it if you want to succeed.

I heard two great examples of lost sales caused by that attitude at a BNI training event last night:

  • Ian walked into Comet at 5 to 5.  (Most of us know that when you run a business, you’re generally busy and always on the last minute.) He was greeted with a salesman checking his watch and saying “we close at 5”.  So he went next door, into Currys and purchased a washing machine, a fridge and a hoover – all told about £900 worth of goods.  And he bought them on the condition that they would be loaded up in front of Comet’s front door.  Priceless.
  • Next was an Audi dealership with the same attitude.  Which resulted in the loss of a £38,000 sale.  Just consider for a moment the huge marketing budget Audi has – the effort they put into building a brand, creating desire for that brand, setting the price, ensuring the product quality is up to scratch, training the sales team, creating sales processes and procedures… just to have it blown at the final hurdle by a salesman wanting to get home.

The question is whether your attitude is one of “we close at 5” or “we’re always open for people who want to spend money”.  The choice is yours, but if you want more sales, it’s a question you should perhaps be asking.

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