Anyone for Spam?

By joanne | 5th January | Marketing Skills

Email marketing is very simple, easy and cheap… but, like every marketing method, it has its downsides. And one is the effect of spam filters…

You can create fantastic email marketing messages, offers and incentives, but they very often head straight into the Junk email box and miss your target audience by a mile.

A new tool we’ve heard about could reduce that however, and ensure your messages reach more of your audience:

Lyris ContentChecker™ for Email tells you what your spam score is for each email you write.  The lower the score, the more chance your email will be delivered.  This free, online tool also gives you recommendations for adjusting your message to improve the chances of it being delivered.

One word of warning… if you’re using email marketing, be sure to personalise your messages and ensure they are targeted correctly.  It’s worth getting some professional advice before upsetting your database.  You’ll no doubt have received many impersonal Christmas and New Year messages; some from people you maybe don’t know.  Think about how they made you feel – did they make you want to do business with the person, or did you just think you were a number on a database and the message you received went to hundreds of other people too?  Please think before you press ‘Send’.

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