Snow Joke

By joanne | 21st December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

Snow is very difficult for even us marketers to overcome.  At times like this, we wish we could wave a magic wand for our customers and clear the roads, so customers can reach them.

If your business has been affected by the weather, here are some tips that might help:

  1. Firstly, remember you’re not alone.  If your business is quiet, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong.  There are many larger businesses suffering right now – just look at the year the airlines have had.
  2. Communication is your main marketing tool in bad weather – if customers can reach you and the roads are clear, let them know.  The news gives the impression that the whole country is at a standstill, but some areas are still very accessible.  The Lakes look amazing at the moment, with a smattering of snow on the mountains, but the roads are still clear for people to see the views – we just need to keep telling people that message.
  3. Photographs can help – you can now show people the roads are clear and the beautiful snowy vistas that await them, using video and images and sharing these on social media (such as Facebook and Twitter).
  4. Keep your friends close.  If you have local customers, now is the time to entice them back into your business with offers and incentives to shop or spend.  You rely on your locals in this weather more than ever and, if they can’t go anywhere else, you might just have a captive audience.
  5. Take deposits.  This isn’t about taking money from people who can’t reach you when it isn’t safe to do so, but if people haven’t paid a deposit, they may decide not to venture out, even if they can.  If you’re holding tables for people, you need some commitment on either side.
  6. Clear a path to your door – this goes against all health and safety advice but, as a marketer, I would advise you that if people can’t reach you, they won’t.  And that could be worse than a law suit for not clearing a path properly (what has this country come to?!)
  7. Keep staff working – give them things to do from home if they can’t reach you.  Could they be conducting market research / calling customers / raising invoices . making debt recovery calls??  There’s a lot we can do from home these days, and some of it could save you time and give you some momentum for when the snow clears.
  8. Boost your up-selling and cross-selling activities… you need to make the most of every customer who comes through your door.

If you have any other top tips for boosting business during the snow, please share them.  It’s a very difficult time for some businesses – and they need your help.  Please also shop local – for the same reasons.

Happy Christmas.

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