Royal Wedding Opportunities

By joanne | 19th November | Marketing Ideas

I love good news.  And there’s no better news than weddings and babies.  (Interestingly, in the same week as the wedding announcement, a close friend of mine had a baby this morning – congratulations Lindsay and Duncan x.)

From a marketing point of view, this wedding is fantastic news.  It will bring opportunities for many companies and it’s also put the country in the international spotlight.  Many papers and magazines have published the story and a large number have led with it – so the Americans are likely to be more excited than we are about the wedding.  Which is great news for our economy.

It’s also provided the media with some good news to share and this is a welcome relief to recession doom and gloom.  (It’s almost as if it was planned that way… conspiracy theorists unite!)

Companies are already manufacturing merchandise to mark the engagement and there will be more for the wedding itself.  Come on, admit the Charles and Diana memorabilia you have hiding at the back of your cupboard.  It’s sure to create a buzz and give people an excuse to spend some money.

The question is… is the Royal Wedding going to be an end to the recession in the UK.  I sincerely believe it will be – and the more of us believe that, the higher the chance it will put the recession behind us.

Bring on more good news… !

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