Personal Billboards

By joanne | 18th October | Marketing Training

According to the Telegraph, Japanese firm NEC has developed advertising billboards with inbuilt cameras and facial recognition software.  They can determine the gender and approximate age of the people walking past and will then display products suited to that demographic.  It’s all very like the billboards seen in the film Minority Report.

Researchers at IBM are working on a similar product based on the Oyster card technology used on London Underground.  These billboards will be able to react to personal preferences known from your Oyster card, credit card and mobile phone.

What I’d like to know is how they react to a crowd?  I’ve never seen an underground advert or billboard location with just one person in it’s line of sight. Billboards are designed to reach mass audiences, so is it possible to personalise or will they spend their time adapting and miss the passer-by as they change?  All comments welcome…

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