Doug Richard Talks Marketing

By joanne | 1st October | Marketing Skills

Former ‘Dragon’, Doug Richard founded the School for Startups and, in a recent interview for the marketer, he shared some of his knowledge about marketing for small businesses…

When asked how important marketing is to the success of a small business, he said “To my mind, that’s a bit like asking ‘how important is air?’.  In its absence you die.”

Doug suggests that marketing is one of the greatest challenges small businesses face and, if they can succeed at marketing, they tend to be successful, regardless of the other elements of the business.  (This is one of the reasons we run our free marketing seminars – so we can share some of our marketing knowledge with as many businesses as possible.)

He also talks about word of mouth marketing, which he describes as “the most important achievable outcome any marketer could hope for.”  Doug identifies that the tools which amplify word of mouth are beginnning to become the most important marketing tools in the world and suggests that the new challenge is how the old truths apply in the new context.

This really was a great interview and perfectly sums up the power of marketing in a business.  It also sums up the complexity of the subject and and the steps to a successful marketing campaign.  (So please ask someone for assistance if you’re struggling to market your company.) If you have chance to see Doug Richard speak, or read any of his articles, I would highly recommend them.

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