Mobile Marketing – A Word of Warning

By joanne | 22nd September | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

The internet, email marketing and now mobile marketing provide you with some of the cheapest forms of marketing available.  And many companies it seems want to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the cost savings.  But, please beware of making decisions based on cost, rather than customers.

These marketing methods may be cheaper, but you need an eye on return on investment too.  It costs very little to send an email newsletter, but the vast majority of your customers receive probably 4-5 email newsletters a day – and they probably don’t read them all.  When you have something really important to communicate to your customers, chances are they’ve already ‘switched off’ if you aren’t keeping the content relevant to them.

With new media, it’s very easy to send messages without thinking strategically, or without considering the impact on your customer.  But, without some half-decent advice, you could lose contacts quicker than you gained them…and your reputation is shot.  Case in point…

  • I received a text message on Monday night at 7 minutes past 9pm
  • It’s a message I hadn’t requested, from someone I haven’t seen for approx. a year
  • It was from somone I met at a networking event, but I’ve never done business with
  • It read…

Please visit


Dave’s best buys

(The names have been changed to protect the ignorant)

This was a prospecting email for a financial product from someone I don’t have a relationship with.  It at least includes a call to action, but it’s mixed marketing methods – why send a text and ask me to visit a website, instead of texting back?  I’ve also never bought financial products online – I want a relationship with the person I’m dealing with when it’s something so important, and I suspect I’m not alone.

Please, please, please think carefully before you press ‘Send’.  Your reputation is too precious to throw it away on what seems a very ‘cheap’ marketing method.

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