The Need to Advertise Advertising

By joanne | 17th September | Marketing Ideas

I’m often criticised for saying that advertising is a high-cost, high-risk marketing strategy for the majority of businesses.  I also consider it to be a very lazy form of marketing when it’s done reactively – which is how the vast majority of companies approach it.

There is no doubt that some companies use advertising to fantastic effect and the medium enables them to reach mass markets in a way that previously wasn’t possible using any other medium.  But, with the advent of digital TV and the emerging online media, the world of advertising has changed.  Audiences are being increasingly fragmented, which means less people are watching your ads.  Using innovations such as Sky Plus and video on demand, customers can avoid watching any adverts at all.

So… I was intrigued to see the advertising industry taking its own advice recently and advertising itself.  I’m even more intrigued to see what the results will be.  The advert itself clearly works – we were told about it at a dinner party, before we’d seen it.  When the advert started, we were anticipating the punchline and watched it from beginning to end.  And thinkbox have created an amusing and memorable advert and a memory hook of ‘every home needs a Harvey’…you need to see it to understand.

I’d love to know what you think about it…please let me have your feedback as to whether you like the advert, but also (crucially) whether it would encourage you to buy advertising.

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